10 Surprising Things You Can Clean Using Washing Machine

We all like things that are multi-purpose in nature, don’t we? Living in the fast-paced technology world we enjoy speed and convenience more than ever. So why can’t we expect a little extra from other home appliances around us? Here’s why we’ve come up with an interesting post on 10 surprising things you can clean using the washing machine. Why restrict to washing clothes when there is more than meets the eye?

Let’s get started!

Backpacks & Gym bags

You think only clothes can be washed effectively, try more, apart from leather backpacks or gym bags, vinyl and fabric made backpacks and gym bags can be unquestionably lobbed in the washing machine with another likewise tinted laundry. Take care to empty out each pocket of the backpack or gym bag.


Ensure to wash your cushions only two at a time a gentle cycle with warm water. To totally wash out all soap from the pillows, add some cold water and then rinse and spin. To fuzz up your pillows, make sure to dry them on low heat alongside a few rubber dryer balls.

Tennis shoes

As we all know, shoes are certain to get muted and dirty no matter how hard you try to keep them then. To wash them in your washing machine, first, take out their laces and zip them in a net lingerie washing bag. Currently, toss your shoes along with the mesh bag and some old used clothes.

Yoga mats

You must be washing your yoga pants and tops in the washing machine, then again why not your yoga mat? Just open your yoga mat and position it in the washer prudently. To poise the load, toss in some clothes to impede your washer from shaking and shocking. Also, use a heavy-duty cleaner and mild cycle to wash the mat correctly.

Stuffed toys

Except the full toy has an electrical or motorized part, it can be effortlessly washed in the machine. Ensure that the toy has no rips beforehand mixing them in the washer; then it will lead to the loss of satisfying. Place the full toys in a net laundry bag and wash them in a mild cycle with cool water. Let it air dry.

Small rugs and Bathmats

Shake away any movable dirt from the rug and mat before filling them into the washer. Lob some towels to balance the load. Wash them on a subtle cycle with cold water.

Plastic toys

Plastic toys such as Legos, action figures, dog toys can get mucky over long phases of time. Cleaning them by hand is no breeze, but washing them in a seal is a child’s play.

Hot pads and Oven mitts

You may frequently wash your kitchen cloths but what about your oven hands and hot pads? Just add them to your load of kitchen towels and hang them to dry subsequently.

Small cushions

Small cushions can be washed effortlessly providing they fit in your washer, at the same time as leaving ample space for it to spin. Except for the tags on the cushion then, you can just toss them in the seal and clean them on a subtle sequence with warm or cool water.

Sports Gear

It is vital that you give your sports gear such as knee pads, shin guards, gloves, etc. a full housework each month. Join all the Velcro ends to evade them from knotting with each other. Place them in distinct laundry bags and toss them into the seal.

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